Radiation and Food Health

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Irradiated food is being promoted on the Internet as being safe but is it really? Not according to the few tests that have been done on lab animals and humans. Irradiation has caused muscular dystrophy, internal bleeding, kidney failure, chromosomal damage and tumours. And these are just the few we know of. Free radical compounds which defeat antioxidant purposes also tear cell membranes causing common diseases that exist today such as liver damage, heart disease, diabetes. Breakdown of cell membranes leaves the body prone to cancer cell development.
Zapping food with gama/radiation is used to combat and remove the filth, vomit, urine, feces, tumours and pus which often adhere to beef, chicken and pork meat. This method does not work. In order to justify filthy and inhumane slaughterhouse practises allowed by FDA and law food irradiation only intensifies things allowing for an unacceptable range of additional global health issues such as organ failure, human disease, gene mutation, cell mutation, mutant forms of bacteria, e-coli, and salmonella amongst a slew of other future problems.
So instead of bothering to clean up or keep slaughterhouses disease free, it's just easier to mix, mulch and scoop allowing what's left on these filthy cement floors to adhere to the exposed slaughtered meat humans consume. Not only do they have no compassion for animal life, compassion for human life is declining while the passion for greed is being nurtured.
Manufacturing of 50 Billion Animals
In comparison to a manufacturing plant where by conveyor belts are used to speed the process of product output, slaughterhouses have resorted to conveyor belts allowing up to 400 slaughtered cows to be processed in a single hour. With 50 billion animals housed in Factory Farms this raises health concerns creating new questions.
-Does the human population really need this much meat?
-Or is it the fact that we're brainwashed through saturated commercialism of how healthy meat and dairy is and how we're designed to need it as part of our diets?
-Where does waste from 50 billion animals end up?
-Why are these animals being bred into cannibalism?
-Could this be an ingenious method of slowly creating a sickly and diseased populous where by Big Pharma and FDA can kick in and save the day with their life saving drug racket?
Let's combine irradiation; GE foods; cloning; vitamin/herbal suppression; GE preservatives; GE enzymes; chemicals in foods; toxic human/animal waste fertilizer and pesticide and foreign DNA injected crop seed. Is this the salvation to our global food supply? One can easily analyse the use of all these unnecessary food production methods and ask. How and why is this being promoted, accepted and allowed by law? And how can any of this not create an even larger demand for virus and disease treating drugs?
Unanswered Questions
These days the habit of smelling a food or meat product before we consume it is becoming common practice. However, what if the smell of tainted or bad meat was indistinguishable? Our natural sense of smell becomes confused and unreliable. This is what irradiation can do to the beneficial micro organisms like molds and yeast as they help combat botulism. Additionally, micro organisms producing bad or tainted food odors are destroyed. How then does one distinguish outdated or bad meat from edible meat?
Although e-beam and gamma rays are two different forms of technology they both in the end produce the same results as they are forms of ionizing radiation. This means they literally eradicate the bonds which hold molecules and atoms together, thus creating new chemical compounds. And meat is not the only food product being irradiated as fruits and vegetables along with spices such as paprika and garlic powder are treated as well.

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